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"Excellent utility to edit and convert images…"

Ivan Image Converter Awards

FindMySoft Editor's Review

Ivan Image Converter 5 star awardIt is always better to choose third party software over Windows stock tools. When it comes to converting images, Windows does not stand a chance with the features it provides. The Internet is full of image processors, but choosing one can be tricky. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and you can not tell if a certain program has the tools you need. Ivan Image Converter is definitely worth checking out. You can use it to batch edit images in many ways. From simply resizing or converting them to applying color filters, watermarks and others, you can do it all with this lightweight, but very comprehensive software.

If you need some convincing, you can try the software for 30 days, free of charge. The setup file is almost 6 Mb large, so the download process will not take too long. Installing it is a straightforward task and it is compatible with all versions of Windows from 2000 to 7.

Ivan Image Converter lets you perform basic editing tasks on individual images. You can load multiple images on the main interface and browse through them with the aid of the Next and Previous buttons on the toolbar. It is possible to add color effects, filters (sharpen, blur, emboss, etc), masks and more, with the options found in the Effects menu. Other basic tools, such as a rectangle or an elliptical marquee tool, lasso, magic wand and others can be found on a secondary toolbar on the bottom edge of the window. Individual images can be converted with the Convert option in the File menu. Formats suitable for uploading on the Internet can be found in a submenu, under the Save for web option, also in the File menu.

If you have too many images to process, you can go to the software's batch mode by clicking the first button on the upper toolbar. This will bring up a new window, where you can make all sorts of settings which will be applied to each image. Although there are many options to be found, the batch mode window is not crowded with things to click on. Everything is neatly organized in a logical manner. The images can be targeted on the upper half of this window. You can browse through them, in the upper left area, just like in a standard explorer window. Once you find them, you may add them to a list, on the upper left side, either with the aid of add buttons or by clicking and dragging the pictures. Advanced settings may be applied by clicking a check box and then an Options button, beneath the files list. You can find options for resizing images, cropping, flipping or rotating them, adding watermarks, color effects, filters and more. They are all placed on separate tabs, according to their categories, and they can be manipulated with simple check boxes or radio buttons.

In the lower left area of the batch mode window, you can find a series of renaming options. They are not too advanced, but you can use them to give all the images the same name, a sequence number, set the characters to upper or lower case and others. The lower right area of the window is where you can set up the output. This is where you will feel the full strength of Ivan Image Converter, specifically when you click a drop menu to choose the output format. There are 44 different formats to choose from, including popular ones and others which you may not even heard of. An Options button, next to this drop menu, will bring up a small, tabbed window where you can make a series of settings to some of the formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, ICO, PNG and others. Each set of settings can be found under different tabs, according to the format they are related to.

After selecting an output folder and making a few other related settings, you can apply the changes by clicking the Convert button, next to the files list. Even with a large amount of images, the process will not take long and the results will be more than satisfactory.

The software lets you edit multiple images in one run. The process itself is very fast and the results are good. There are lots of editing tasks to perform and the user interface has a very logical design, which makes it impossible to get lost in all the options.

The trial version may allow you to use all the options and actually convert images, but it is only possible to convert a maximum of 50 images in one run and a watermark will be placed over them.

Ivan Image Converter features the strengths of most similar programs on the market and the weaknesses of none. With its flexible features, you can give any number of images a different look.

Review by Frederick Barton [FindMySoft]
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FreeDownloadsCenter Editor's Review

Ivan Image Converter 5 star awardIvan Image Converter is a batch conversion image processing software to convert multiple graphics file formats easily. Using this utility you can perform editing operation on your image and then convert to any image format. It supports a very wide range of image formats. Publisher claims that it supports over 170 file types. Image Converter also supports Command Line interface, to convert images without the use of the GUI.

Features: This application allows you to edit your favorite picture as per your requirement. It is a feature rich application support editing of your image with many more options. You can perform resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop, filters, watermarks, morphing effects, color enhancements etc. using this tool. You can set various effect for your image such as color, filters, morphing, distort and each one of them have many more option to create a best quality of image.

In batch conversion mode you can add files to the list for conversion and set advance options for all images. Application allows you various options such as set resize by specifying height, width, set interpolation filter type from the available drop down list, set preserve aspect ration etc. Application also has feature to watermark your image, you can add watermark text and watermark image to your image file. You can set color effects, set filter/distort/morphing options by selecting appropriate filter, distort effects, wave and morphing effects. With other option you can set output file name.

Overall: It is an excellent utility to edit and convert images to any format of your wish.

Ivan Image Converter features the strengths of most similar programs on the market and the weaknesses of none. With its flexible features, you can give any number of images a different look.

Review by FreeDownloadsCenter
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Softoxi Editor's Review

Ivan Image Converter 5 star awardIf you search for a handy and cheap graphic file converter, then try this one. It is a smart, powerful and easy to use software that helps you quickly convert among different image file formats.

When you need to convert among different image formats, a problem might be choosing from the many available programs that claim to do that. Here's a recommendation: the friendly and reliable Ivan Image Converter.

Ivan Image Converter is a image file converter that helps you quickly and easily convert one or more image file formats. Unlike other image file converters, this software can be used by every kind of user because is very easy to use and also helps picture files with just a few clicks: you can add watermarks, resize images, and apply some color effects.

Ivan Image Converter can also crop and rotate an image, as well as remove the red-eye effect from your picture, which is a special feature, that many other converters do not provide. Another handy feature of this neat software is that it lets you easily create an image slideshow.

Ivan Image Converter also gives you an intuitive friendly interface. It's really simple: just add your files, select your desired output folder and then press the "Convert" button. This software also comes with a list of settings that lets you customize your conversion parameters.

Ivan Image Converter lets you convert a large variety of image formats, including animation files. Furthermore, this application lets you directly print your images after you've converted them.

Make your work easier and do not waste your time trying to find other image converter, as this one will never make you regret choosing it - it is free to try and the trial has no functionality limitations.

Review by Softoxi
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