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IvanView Features

IvanView Overview of features

IvanView is several tools in one. A full-featured image viewer quickly displays your images in high quality. The image browser lets you efficiently organize your images. IvanView also provides several image manipulation functions.

Image Viewing

As an image viewer, IvanView stands unsurpassed in its ability to quickly decode and display images.

    1. Less memory is required to view images than with full-fledged image editing applications.
    2. High quality output.
    3. Support for most popular image formats - BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PCD, PCX, PBM, PGM, PNG, PSD, TGA, WMF, JPEG 2000.
    4. Slide show gives you the ability to view a sequence of images automatically.
    5. Print your images along with names and descriptions.

Image Browsing

IvanView is the best choice for browsing images in your file system.

    1. Thumbnail mode shows a thumbnail of each image instead of the normal file icons, allowing you to visually browse more quickly through many images.
    2. File descriptions allow you to annotate any file with a descriptive phrase without altering the name or contents of the file.
    3. Customized file details allows you to configure how and what information about your files is displayed.

Image Manipulation

IvanView provides the following frequently used image manipulation functions:

    1. File conversion allows images to be quickly and conveniently converted to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, ICO, WBMP, PCX, TGA and TIFF formats.
    2. Flip, Mirror, Negative, Grayscale, Rotate 90, 180, 270.
    3. Save a selected region of an image (cropping).
    4. Desktop wallpaper commands allow you to quickly change your desktop background to any image, centered, tiled or tiled.
    5. Copy to clipboard allows you to copy images from IvanView into other applications.

User Interface

As a whole, IvanView provides an efficient interface which has been highly optimized to minimize the amount of key punching and mouse pushing you need to do to get things done.

    1. Whether you like to use the mouse or do it all from the keyboard, IvanView provides you with the short cuts you need to do it quickly.
    2. Extensive customization options allow you to configure IvanView to work the way you want it.

IvanView v.1.2

The image browser IvanView is now even more powerful. IvanView Viewer Editor Converter is capable of viewing more 60 image formats, and has unsurpassed conversion capabilities in 15 of the most popular formats. Its interface can be modified with great flexibility to accommodate both beginners and professionals. While it is possible to detail all of IvanView's great features, it's better to download it and see all it has to offer for yourself!
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