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How to Convert all your WIN images in one click

How to convert WIN images using Ivan Image Converter

Ivan Image Converter: Batch WIN Converter, Batch WIN Editor, Batch WIN Resizer. Convert WIN to BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DIB, TIFF, etc.

WINICB, VDA, WIN - Truevision Targa bitmap image. This is a format for storing bitmaps that was developed in conjunction with a number of video capture and graphics adapter boards for the PC and Macintosh. The format has thus become popular in the world of still-video editing. The format was revised in 1989 to add support for new capabilities (thus there are "original" and "new" TGA formats). Fortunately, the "new" format is a superset of the "original", and many applications, even those designed around the "original" format, can read both types of files. TGA files can contain monochrome images, color images with a palette, and 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit TrueColor images. 16-bit images, are usually the most commonly encountered. TGA files can be uncompressed, or compressed using a Run-length compression scheme. The "new" TARGA format also can store additional information, including information about when/how the file was created, application specific data, and a thumbnail version of the main image known as a "Postage-stamp image". Vista Truevision Targa bitmap image.

Ivan Image Converter is a powerful image editing and conversion tool supporting over 170 input image formats (WIN, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, TGA, PSD, RAW, PCL, etc.) and conversion into 44 formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DIB, TIFF, etc.), which gives you virtually limitless capabilities in terms of cross-format image conversion. Despite its power and impressive functionality, Ivan Image Converter is a breeze to use, so you can convert your images to other formats with just a few mouse clicks. Below is a quick guide that will help you do that with a minimum of efforts and confusion. In fact, you can convert any image in just three simple steps described below.

Step 1 – Starting the program

First, you need to start the program. To do that, locate the program in the Programs menu or double-click a corresponding desktop shortcut (if any).

Step 2 – Opening a file (.WIN)

You can open a WIN file either by pressing Insert or selecting File – Open from the main program menu. An open file dialog will open. The dialog enables you to preview images in the currently selected folder and displays the size and resolution of the selected file. Use the format filter to select the WIN file type. Once the necessary WIN file is selected, click Open.

How to open an image (.WIN)

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Step 3 – Image editing (optional)

Besides being a powerful image converter, this software has plenty of image editing functions. You can flip, rotate, resize images, set them as the desktop wallpaper, apply various effects and even add text to images. Once you have finished editing an image, you can proceed to the next step and convert it into another format.

How to edit an image (.WIN) before converting

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Step 4 – Converting an image (.WIN)

Once the WIN file is loaded into the program window, you are ready for image conversion. Use the Ctrl + S combination or choose the File – Convert command to open the image conversion dialog. Choose the necessary output format and rename the image, if necessary. Once ready to convert, press the Convert button. Your WIN file will be saved in the selected format under the name you provided in the image conversion dialog.

How to convert an image (.WIN)

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As you see, converting WIN images with Ivan Image Converter is a real snap - just follow these simple steps to convert any WIN images quickly and efficiently! Click to Download Now!

How to Batch Edit, Resize and Convert WIN images

Batch conversion of WIN images and the use of the command line in Ivan Image Converter.

Besides being a powerful image converter, image resizer and image editor, Ivan Image Converter offers some advanced features (such as those of a batch image converter, batch photo resizer, batch image editor, etc.) that can make routine image processing operations manifold easier and save you a lot of time. The software features advanced batch conversion functions and has a command line operation mode. Below is a short guide to the use of the command line and the program’s batch processing functions.

If you have several dozen or hundred WIN images that you want to process at once, Ivan Image Converter will make it a real snap. Just select the "Batch mode" command from the main menu to open the batch conversion dialog (alternatively, you can click the "Batch mode" button on the toolbar or press the Ctrl+B key combination).

How to open batch conversion dialog (WIN conversion)

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The dialog enables you to select the WIN files to be processed, specify the batch processing parameters (resizing, cropping, flipping, watermarking, color effects, morphing and more), the output location and the destination format (BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DIB, TIFF, etc.). That’s it - once you are good to go, click "Convert" and the batch image editor will take care of the rest! Apparently, you can select a number of options that will affect the work of this feature-packed batch image converter – from the case of output file names and file name renaming patterns to advanced batch processing options and target location.

Batch Conversion Dialog of Ivan Image Converter (WIN conversion)

(click to enlarge)

For your convenience, we also added command line support to this batch image converter. This feature can be used for creating *.BAT files, scheduling batch conversion tasks or executing calls from other applications. The executable file of the program can be started with various parameters defining the conversion result. Virtually every aspect of the process can be controlled from the command line – just refer to the help section of the program for details. Here is a short example of a typical command:

ivimconv.exe "c:\bitmaps\old1.win" /flip /negative /rotate=(90,1) /convert="c:\bitmaps\new1.bmp"

This command will read old1.win, flip it vertically, invert its colors, rotate it by 90%, apply fast anti-aliasing and save it as new1.bmp.

As you see, using the command line in Ivan Image Converter in really easy – it will take you minutes to start using its batch conversion capabilities efficiently for large arrays of images!
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Why not try out Ivan Image Converter free of charge, and see the possibilities for yourself? Click to Download Now!

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