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Convert all your JPE images in one click!

Ivan Image Converter Formats Overview (.JPE)

JPG, JPEG, JPEJPG, JPEG, JPE - JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) bitmap image file format is mostly used for bitmap images (photos, pictures etc.). Loss JPEG compression significantly reduces image file size and high compression level also quality of image. JPEG is the best image format for photos and pictures with high number of colors for use on the internet or e-mail. JPEG is a bitmap compression format for images. The proper abbreviation is JPEG, but DOS-based computers could only take a 3-character extension, so you will often see the shortened version: JPG. JPEG is based on a 24-bit color palette, but it is lossy, which means that it drops information that is compressed out. Compression ratios may range from 10:1 to 20:1 and most graphic application programs (such as Adobe Photoshop) allow you to choose the compression rate. Obviously, the more compressed, the more data is lost, but the less compressed the larger the files size of the image. It takes considerable experience and skill to play around with different modes and pallettes as well as compression ratios to get a good quality result with a relatively small JPEG file size. JPEG is typically used for complex images and photographs. It supports 16.7 million colors.

With Ivan Image Converter you can convert JPE:

jpe to bmp, jpe to dib, jpe to rle, jpe to gif, jpe to jpg, jpe to jpeg, jpe to tif, jpe to tiff, jpe to png, jpe to pcx, jpe to pcc, jpe to dcx, jpe to tga, jpe to wmf, jpe to emf, jpe to ico, jpe to pbm, jpe to jng, jpe to jp2, jpe to j2k, jpe to ps, jpe to eps, jpe to pdf, jpe to wbmp, jpe to psd, jpe to wap, jpe to raw, jpe to pcd, jpe to cin, jpe to dot, jpe to dpx, jpe to fits, jpe to fpx, jpe to hdf, jpe to miff, jpe to pict, jpe to sgi, jpe to sun, jpe to vicar, jpe to viff, jpe to hdp, jpe to wdp, jpe to xbm and jpe to xpm.

Ivan Image Converter (JPE Converter)

Winner of 7 awards and acclaimed in publications worldwide, Ivan Image Converter is the perfect solution for instant batch processing of all your images. The most comprehensive program of its kind on the market today, it reads over 170 file types and converts to a choice of 44. With full photo editing capabilities, simple interface, and Command Line support.
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